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Image by Cynewulf
The shoes I made for Jean-Loup & Steph, for their wedding. They’re long point Poulaines (or cracowes). For any period shoemakers out there, Steph’s shoes are a copy of the pair on p28 of ‘Shoes and Pattens’ by Francis Grew and Margrethe De Neergaard. Jean-Loup’s are a based on a higher vamp version illustrated on p58 (but with slightly longer points). Both shoes have tooled & scraped decoration based on the two leaf patterns illustrated on p87 (but not exact copies)

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  1. SuzieWong 12/05/31

    Or winklepickers, as I know them 😀

  2. Jean-Loup R-S 12/05/31

    yep, I got the horrible stuff :p

    Just kidding 😉

  3. giulia massera 12/05/31

    love this!

  4. fizaphotography 12/05/31


  5. footearth 12/05/31

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  6. Danyel Swade 12/05/31

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  7. juandrobfreezer 12/05/31

    They’re amazing.

  8. limonata e zabaione 12/05/31

    shoes like middleage!!! <3