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Shoe Army

Shoe Army
Image by Nikita Kashner
If you’re wondering, I own 56 pairs of shoes. A few pairs were missing in this photo.


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  1. zerzhul 12/08/28

    oh my great goodness…. this is impressive!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  2. Fortran 12/08/28

    Um. I thought I was odd and luxurious when I bought a second pair of shoes a year ago so I could have a brown and a black pair.


  3. lu_lu 12/08/28


  4. Frank Jonen 12/08/29

    Kita! Omg!

  5. Alegrya 12/08/29

    holy crap, I own around 10% that number of pairs of shoes. Remind me to ask you to take me shoe shopping when I’m in Perth next

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  6. miyori 12/08/29

    wah….*blinks* I’m so incredibly impressed!!!

  7. Kegzillaski 12/08/29

    Sweet jeebus!

  8. antzpantz 12/08/29

    Can I have some? It’s for a good cause.

  9. klepas 12/08/29

    Far out. I own like four. You still have a way to go to compete with my Mum though—she has something around a hundred the last time she went through them (most go to charity eventually). 😛

  10. bobsully 12/08/29

    Thank you for letting me know this before our relationship developed further…

  11. TahliaC 12/08/29

    Woah. This is awesome!!

  12. Braids of Beads 12/08/29

    wow :O :O :O

  13. Kevbo 12/08/29

    Hello, Imelda!

  14. coy0te 12/08/29

    Thats a beautiful sight :o) Shoes are fabulous.

  15. Sanky S 12/08/29

    So many shoes

  16. Patryaaa 12/08/29


  17. stacya 12/08/29


  18. rintakumpu 12/08/29

    Wow! I own only about a quarter of that :b
    Shouldn’t there be some multiplier for men?

  19. amIT029 12/08/29

    gawd that truely an army good enough to stampede 🙂

  20. iamkhayyam 12/08/29

    Ah… 56 pairs. You’ve inspired me to layout my dogs. I’m somewhere in the ballpark of you… no heels though 😉 If we’re including sandals and flip flops I’m hitting about 75 pairs or so. I know, I know… that’s a lot of shoes… that’s a lot of issues 😉

  21. fluffylittlebunny 12/08/29

    LOTS OF SHOES! mind you, I think I have the same amount or more tbh 🙁

  22. OscarFalcon 12/08/29

    Wow, that is a lot of pairs…

  23. ீ ๑ Adam 12/08/29

    say w00t !

  24. danmac2760 12/08/29

    I think you need some more shows lol lol. I thought I was bad with four pairs lol lol and three pairs of boots

  25. shoelover1 12/08/29

    I just counted my collection I have 224 Pairs and still collecting.

  26. shoelover1 12/08/29

    You have 310 pairs LESS than I have..
    I now own 366 Pairs (One for each day of the Year)

  27. KatieluvsPics 12/08/29

    Great taste in shoes!

  28. loadedbeat 12/08/29

    Very impressive Kitta!

  29. shoes_lover88 12/08/29

    I love this!!

  30. Tenisha Triplett 12/08/29

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  31. sqoshi 12/08/29

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  32. brokenbiscuits2004 12/08/29

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